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    Divine Services Forum

    Indhu Renaissance Movement A Cultural Organization Founded: 1772 AD

    The Aims of Divine Services Forum

    1. The social philosophy founded by the Pathinen Siddhars is the Siddharism and known as Indhu Religion. The main purpose is to remove, by giving training, the wild imaginations, blind faiths, follies…. that have come into this Indhu Religion.

    2. The Siddharism is the Mother of all the Religions in this World. So, another main purpose is to teach everyone the really practical worshipping methods through one’s own religion.

    3. To cultivate and grow holistic feelings in order to have peaceful, contentful, loving family life.

    4. To create Equality, Brotherhood, Communalistic Society and To develop World Religious Unification.

    5. To strengthen each one’s physical body, astral body, divine will and soul through Oagaasana and Yogaasana Practises given by Siddhars.

    6. To provide Siddhar’s Medical Principles to all for the purpose of overcoming the ignorance, misunderstandings, puzzles, unsolved difficulties….

    7. To renew, rejuvenate and rewrite all the fields like World History, Literature, Arts, Business… using Siddhars' rich information and views so that the Social differences, paradoxes, inabilities, poverty, variations, ups & downs, short-comings …. can be eliminated altogether.

    8. To benefit all mankind through the Mystical Treatment Centers of Divine Services Forum on the basis of the fact that the problems of every man happen due to Fate, Circumstances, One’s own efforts, Genetic factors, Planetary, Zodiacal and Star Influences, Invisible Beings such as ghost, dead-man’s astral body,… , Other human beings' jealous eyes…..

    9. To remove every kind of dicatatorships, dominations, cheatings, slavery, lootings….. in the name of religion, language, race, caste, region and political party.

    10. To compensate for the losses, downward trends, … that have taken place due to atheism, religious denials, racial hatreds, disrespect for mother tongue and mother land.

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