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    Aadhi Sivan was an Immortal Personality. So, He functioned as the Father of Indhuism, Gnaana Aachaariyaar, Kuvalaya Kurupeedam, Arulaatchi Naayagam, …. and instituted the Pathinensiddhar Peedam or the Chairman post for the 18 Siddhars. He also framed a divine plan that 48 (forty-eight) Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis should emanate one after another through the life-time of this world and after the 48th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi only this world would come to an end. He made this 48 as a magical number because this world and its flora and fauna are all controlled by the heavenly 48 forces namely the 9 (nine) planets, 12 (twelve Raasis) Zodiacs and 27 (twenty-seven) stars.

    Aadhi Sivan crowned Himself as the first King of the Pandia Kingdom and declared the Indhu Religion as the ruling religion of His Kingdom’s Government. From that date of Aadhi Sivan’s crowning date the Indhu Religion’s calendar system began. From thence, Pathinensiddhars, the 48 types of siddhars and 48 types of gods have been maintaining the Indhu Religious chronology through this calendar. As per this calendar, the number of years that have elapsed through the three Yugams or eras that got completed and the currently running fourth Yugam are clearly calculated as per the chart given below:

    No. Yugam Name No. of years
    1. Keeran Yugam 17,28.080
    2. Theeran Yugam 12, 90,000
    3. Thooran Yugam 8,64,000
    4. Kaliyan Yugam 4,32,000

    As of 2019, in Kaliyan Yugam 5119 years have elapsed and 5120th year is running. So, this Kaliyan Yugam would go further for another 4,32,000 - 5120 = 4,26,880 years.

    Thus in Indhu Religion the chronology is being maintained in a clear cut manner.

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