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  • Indhuism is NOT a Religion

    Indhuism is NOT a Religion

    The Induism is not a religion. It is a Social Philosophy or Principle. It is for the welfare of all the human beings on this earth. The Siddhars are the protectors of the Human Welfare and Rights. The Induism is also known as Siddharism, the Siddha Principle, Saivism or simply Humanism.

    The Siddha Philosophy will uplift all flora and fauna i.e. all the plant life, animal life and the human life. It does this by purifying and rectifying them both internally and externally. The Siddha Philosophy has the power and capability to soften and refine the animal instincts & feelings in human beings; thereby this Siddha Philosophy shapes, strengthens and brightens the individual life, family life, social life and political life.

    The Siddha Philosophy is not a dry philosophy nor an imagined one as often believed by the present intellectuals. The Siddhars have created a theological system that can raise a man from human level to the stage of God in a step by step manner. This theology has many many rare, powerful, precise and applicable methodologies. This is not a dry philosophy nor a fantasy.

    The Siddha Philosophy explains clearly about

    …… and many more.

    This is the one and the only philosophy that rejects the ideas like one God, Omnipotent god, Omnipresent God, …. etc. On the other hand it establishes clearly in Tamil language a True religion. This True religion in Tamil language gives accurate details about 48 types of Beings that can be worshipped by man. Even though this philosophy is known today as Hindu Religion, in ancient times it was called as Siddha Philosophy, Saiva Philosophy, Siva Philosophy …. etc.

    Thus this is a philosophy of life, a philosophy of nature, a philosophy of human culture.

    The Siddha Philosophy can alone eradicate religious fanaticism, casteism, racial discrimination, cultural predominance, power-mongering, fame and name mongering, selfishness, haughtiness, money-mongering, …. etc. By eradicating all the above-said ills and evils of the society, the Siddha Philosophy can establish in this world a society based on equality, brotherhood and fraternity. Through that only the entire world can achieve unity, peace, satisfaction and meaningful relations. The Siddhars have formed many educational systems to make this possible.

    Through these one can understand that the Siddha Philosophy or the Induism is the only philosophy that fights for human welfare rights. This Siddha Philosophy has immense potential to eradicate all manias or fanaticisms in this world. Siddhars take birth in order to spread this siddha philosophy. Even though there are many different kinds of Siddhars, it is a fact that all of them were nurtured by the Pathinen Siddhars. These truths are being kept and maintained as ancestral secrets or hereditary properties not to be revealed to anyone other than the descendants of siddhar families. The present 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi is the hereditary heir to this Pathinensiddhar Peedam and Mutt. He has been working hard to make these hereditary secrets open to all. And He is working fully in a Scientific atmosphere, with a Rationalistic approach and through Radicalistic, revolutionary means.

    In order to achieve this, the required historical backgrounds, philosophical fundamentals, literary sources, plans and schemes, policies and principles, mottoes …. have been getting developed through the past one century.

    Translation of the 4th para from the book titled “Mannukku Uraitha Mandala Vaasagam.” written by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam and Madam, the Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar.

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