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    Siddha Medical Field

    The Siddhars' Medical field that exists in Tamil removes the defects and deficiencies in the Human body and gives a complete satisfaction.

    In the same way, Siddhars' Philosophies remove the defects and deficiencies in the Human Social setup and Activities in order to give the entire Society pleasure and satisfaction.

    So, in old days the one who practised Siddhars' Medicine invariably had great involvement in Siddhars' Philosophies.

    The achievements of Siddhars should be made known to the entire world. Siddhars' Achievements could be used by people beyond nation, language and race barriers.

    Mystical Treatment

    Siddhars' Medical Field has three major divisions, namely ‘Mani’ (Light), ‘Manthiram’ (Sound), ‘Marundhu’ (Medicine).

    Out of these three, the first two constitute ‘Mystical Treatment’.

    Treatment to a patient is given initially using the first two methods only. In case, the patient does not show any improvement then only the third method is used and Medicine is given to the patient.

    The speciality of Mystical Treatment is that it treats successfully the patients less than 3 years old and more than 60 years old only with Light and Sound for all diseases. It does not use Medicine for them.

    But, due to mixing of various religious faiths, political changes, unclear attachment to modern science and lack of faith in divinity has brought down the number of available able and talented Siddha Medical Practitioners. In the course of time this Mystical Treatment has altogether vanished.

    Using Mystical Treatment the following can be treated successfully:

    1. Mental Disorders,
    2. Nervous Disabilities,
    3. insufficient growth,
    4. unhealable wounds,
    5. defects in memory power,
    6. defects in digestion,
    7. irritation or burning sensation in parts or whole of body,
    8. paralysis, etc.

    If proper research is initiated, diseases like cancer, leprosy, tuberculosis can also be cured. For most of the skin diseases, mysticism along with medicine gives quicker relief.

    Steps should be taken to do proper research on this Mystical Treatment given by Siddhars. Otherwise, this Mystical Treatment which is the major part of Siddha Medical Science will not benefit the public. If Mystical treatment is not there, Siddha Medical Science will remain incomplete and defective. Such defective Siddha Medical system cannot remove the defects and diseases fully.

    Mystical Treatment is the only science that can put an end to all diseases of human society and pleasure, satisfaction will dawn thenceforth.

    All the medical systems in the world approach Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, etc with great fear and exhaustion; they could not find permanent solutions to them. But Siddha Medicine which has been performing its duties from time immemorial, never worried or feared about these diseases. In fact, Siddha medicine considered these diseases on par with all other curable diseases. And there was no special consideration ever given to these diseases as the modern day medical systems do. That is why, we could not find specific medicines in Siddha Medical Science for these diseases. As an example, for skin diseases research should be based on medicines used for general health and blood purification.

    The strength and greatness of Siddha Medicine depend entirely on using ‘Manthiram’ (Sound Waves) alongwith ‘Marunthu’ (Medicine). But somehow through changing times, the inseparable two ‘Manthiram’ and ‘Marunthu’ got separated from each other. Now, the gap between the two has been ever increasing such that there appears to be no possibility of these two getting together.

    Today the Mystical Treatment has been implemented by a few here and there in Indian subcontinent. But, attempt should be made in order to bring uniformity in this Mystical Treatment.

    Protecting and implementing rare and great truths in the Society is much harder than the difficulties faced when trying to find them. That is why, many many rare and great truths and achievements gone hidden without benefiting anyone in this world.

    Many times medicine does not give much recovery from the attacked disease. But poison gives immediate relief from the pains and sufferings.

    Siddha Medicine should be combined with the power of ‘Manthiram’ (Sound waves) and spread all over the world. Then only the fears and sufferings due to diseases will go away completely. If this is achieved by Siddha Medicine, then the Tamils will gain due pride, respect and fame by protecting the whole world from numerous new diseases and sufferings.

    Translation of Gurudevar’s Letter to a Siddha Medical Magazine in the month of May 1969.

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