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    Thiru M N Roy (1887 - 1954) - the father of Rationalistic Thought and the Founder of Radical Democratic Party - was bold enough to assert that his biography, if written would turn out to be a biography of the World History, because he had a close and direct touch with international political affairs.

    Yet such a great and eminent politician and political thinker came to the conclusion that mere political change in government would not and could not contribute to the permanent peace, unity and happiness of the world.

    That truth, which he found out, was responsible for transforming him from a political thinker to a thinker and worker for the uplift of society as a whole. And his friend, the world famous scientist Dr Einstein (Albert Einstein 1899 - 1955) was also one of the main reason for his transformation from a political thinker to a thinker and a worker for the uplift of the society as a whole.

    The great both planned for the welfare and uplift of society as a whole. As a result, they sowed the seed for the religious research. This is because they believed that if religions were unified and, if people understood the true religious principle, human society would be bettered and uplifted. Since then religious research has prospered and yielded a healthy and beneficial harvest.

    In particular research work is going on without any differences in religions based on the following aspects and heads which are common to and found in almost all religions:

    These researches are carried out in a Scientific atmosphere of thought with a rationalistic approach. The result of such researches will give a finality to the uncertain, unending and indecisive thoughts, wild imaginative ideas, blind beliefs and strange customs and manners which are now prevailing in the world. This will enlighten the darkness of ignorance which envelops the people of the world.

    Besides such researches have immediate practical value. At present, the spread and growth of medical knowledge and treatment have not abated the growth of diseases. The medical world must have to accept the view that diseases can be cured either by divine power or by the application of these two simultaneously. The researches above-mentioned strengthen such lines of thought.

    We welcome the valuable co-operation of individuals in the conduct of such researches. The interested individuals can co-operate by writing down very clearly one’s own personal experiences in such matters including particulars of dates, places, etc and sending them to indhuism@gmail.com. If one is more interested, one can also participate in such researches by becoming a member of the Society.

    We welcome you cordially to be a member thereby helping the noble cause giving it due publicity and furthering the betterment of human society on the Universal scale. By doing so, you are helping the future generations of mankind to progress.

    Religious Research Scholar
    President of the World Religious Research Society
    Mystical Treatment Hospital
    Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar,
    Andhanar Annal, Gnaanaachaariyaar.

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