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    Which is Indhu Religion?

    After a gap of many centuries now only the time has come to explain about the India’s original religion which is Siddha Philosophy. The foreigners today know that the religion of India is Induism. But the original religion of India lost its fervour and power because of the Brahmins who came from foreign land to India. These Brahmins who were foreigners to India had mixed their religious customs and traditions into the rational religion of Siddhars. Because of this mixing the Original Indhu Religion of India lost its powers.

    So, now we have to distinguish between the True Indhu Religion and the Brahmins' Pseudo Hinduism. The True Indhu Religion has got diminished due to the numerous imaginations, lies and irrational ideas introduced into the original Religion of India by the Brahmins.

    Now thousands of divinators and followers of Siddha Philosophy are being prepared and trained to remove these downsides of India’s religion. Because of this, the True Indhu Religion is beginning to grow with strength. The Planning and Scheming Forum of Divine Services is formed to make people experience the Divine power in practical life . There has been a notion among people that ‘those who has seen god could not explain; and those who explain about gods have not seen’. But the followers of Siddha Philosophy should disprove this statement.

    Anybody from any race, religion and economic background can acquire the ability to ‘see divine visions’, ‘realize one’s soul', ‘realize one’s self', ‘realize one’s guru', ‘learn about one’s past births', ‘overcome death’, ‘overcome future births’, ‘siddhis’ ….etc. The Divinators prepared by Gurudevar should work through their life for imparting this divine knowledge to others.

    We should use our Divine powers, Divine Siddhis and other Divine achievements … to create proofs in the form of people who benefit from these. Through this before our writings reach all to make them understand, the people trained by us would make all understand the True Indhuism.

    Difference between Indhu Religion and other Religions:

    Every Divinator has founded a religion in his name in this world. For that purpose, they have used their experential knowledge to form a bible or religous scripture for that religion.

    But in Indhu Religion founded by the Siddhars many divinators take birth and write many books out of their experiences. Yet no new religion ever got formed or would ever form in future due to these divinators of Indhu Religion. Because river waters from the land reach the sea, yet sea would not grow in volume to devour the land. In the True Indhu Religion, a lot of Divine Actions and Divine Temples are emanating in India.

    Our duty is to create ever-existing Divinators in this world. For that only we have engaged ourselves in rejuvenating the Temples and all places of worship. So, we alone could mend and strengthen the religious, social, political, art, industry, literature and science fields of this world.

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