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    Indhu Renaissance Movement

    Declaration of Uprise of formation of Divine Rule

    Divine Rule can be formed only by the True Indhu Religion given by the Pathinensiddhars in divine Tamil Language in 43,73.101 BCE. This Indhu Religion is the mother of all religions of this earth. The Divine Temples and Divinators emerged as the children of this Indhu Religion only. That is why through this Indhu Religion efforts have been started to bring forth unity, peace, contentment, friendship, equality, co-operation, … in human life by unifying all the religions of this world without any differences. This is the great Divine Rule Formation Service.

    Divine Rule formation is the only solution for all the darknesses in the materialistic life. Indhu Religion is only device to form that Divine Rule in this world. To uplift man to the level of God is philosophy of Indhu Religion founded by Siddhars. The blossoming of the divine arts and sciences is the only way for forming Divine Rule in the world. Please come forward to learn and experience the Divine powers.

    The work of Indhu Renaissance movement is only to enhance the Divine sources in all the Religions in this world.

    Come forward to get cured of all the ills and evils.

    We welcome all!

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