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    Who are Siddhars?

    The name Pathinensiddhars in today’s practice actually speak about the 48 types of siddhars. It does not speak about the actual Pathinensiddhars. These 48 types of siddhars are not the true Pathinensiddhars.

    The Pathinensiddhars came to this earth during its formation from other celestial galaxies. They are called as the core Pathinensiddhars. They saw through the evolution of this earth. When the highest form of animal called as ‘Manneesar’ got evolved, these Pathinensiddhars civilized them to change them to human beings. For this, the Pathinensiddhars used the Tamil language which was the mother tongue of the Pathinensiddhars. That is why the Tamil language is called as the Ancient Language that existed even when stones alone existed and not the soil on this earth.

    These Pathinensiddhars had marital relations with the earthly human beings and created direct heirs. One proverb mentions that the ‘Pathinen Velirs were the desendants of the Pathinensiddhars'. The descendants of these direct heirs got trained in the divine practices and eventually reached the stage of Siddhars. Those who reached this siddhars stage were accepted as one of the 48 types of siddhars in the divine world.

    The Revolutions that Pathinensiddhars perform.

    The 48 types of siddhars write and talk according to each of their own experiences and circumstances. Only when the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis take birth, they would consolidate the writings of these 48 types of siddhars and give a proper meanings and view points according to the True Indhuism that rules in all the celestial planets of the entire universe. For example, one siddhar would say that eating non vegetarian food is not suitable for human life. Another siddhar would say that leading a family life is a wasteful exercise. Yet another siddhar would say that worshipping a formless deity is sufficient for all people. But, if everyone follows each of these statements, then the entire world would go nowhere. That is, if everyone eats only vegetarian food, the whole world will not have enough food for all. If everyone avoids family life, then nobody would take birth on this earth. If everyone tries to worship formless deity, they would eventually stop worshipping for want of some form to fix the mind on. So, the 48 types of siddhars write according to the types of trainings and experiences that they got exposed to during their life time. And their writings won’t fit for all. Yet mankind takes one siddhars writings and form a group of followers. The group would soon start saying to all that their cult alone is great and all others are wrong. And severe conflicts, fightings and confusions result out of this.

    So, the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis try to remedy all these confusions, shortcomings, mistakes, twists, destructions, … etc by writing down the three great literature namely Guru Paarampariyam, Arasa Paarampariyam and Ilakkiya Paarampariyam. Guru Paarampariyam gives the history of religion in this world. The Arasa Paarampariyam gives the Political history of the world. The Ilakkiya Paarampariyam gives the history of language and literature. When the entire history is understood in each of the fields, intellecual conflicts would go away to a greater extent. Further the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis write a variety of literature namely Karuvaakkiyam, Karuvaasagam, Kuruvaakkiyam, Kuruvaasagam, Tharuvaakkiyam, Tharuvaasagam, Thiruvaakkiyam, Thiruvaasagam, Arulvaakkiyam, Arulvaasagam, Marulvaakkiyam, Marulvaasagam, … etc. Through that they bring about a Paper Revolution in the world.

    Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis also select many from the people whom they come in contact with based on their knowledge, interest, earnestness, ability, faith, devotion, practise, training, … etc. The Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis also impart the divine power to these selected ones and train them to be their Disciples, Followers, Donors, Faithfuls, Representatives, Sons, Daughters, Relations … etc. Through this service, the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis create a true revolution in the country.

    So far, 12 Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis have worked intensely like this with the mankind in the long run of 43,73,120 years as of 2019 CE. Those including atheists, haters of religion, who could not understand this type of revolution never ever realize the fact that the Indhu Religion was created actually by the core Pathinensiddhars. That is why they bring in all the philosophies and theologies given by the 48 types of siddhars into the True Indhuism and confuse themselves alongwith confusing others. This situation only prevails now in the whole world.

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