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  • 48 types of Siddhars

    48 types of Siddhars

    Explanation on 48 Types of Siddhars

    In the present world, as soon as the word Siddhars is talked about, everyone remembers only the siddhars by name Agathiyar, Thirumoolar, Nandhi, Punnaakkeesar, Pulathiyar, Idaikkaadar, Bogar, Pulippaani, Konganar, Kaalaangi, Akappeyar, Paampaatti Siddhar, Theraiyar, Kuthampaiyar, Sattainaathar, ... etc. But the siddhars named in this list are not the Pathinensiddhars! These siddhars are all belonging to the other 48 types of Siddhars as per the classification that exists in Gurupaarampariyam maintained and written by the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis.

    The classification is given below briefly:

    In addition to these there are 7 types of siddhars whose names should not be openly written or told.

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