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    Chronology of Indhuism

    Chronology as given in Indhu Religion

    (1) I am a student of Indhu Vedha aagama Padasala and I am learning Anaathi Sivan’s Manu Neethi books and Indhu Religious books. I am getting trained as Siddhar Naanmaraiyudaiyaar. I wish you all a very good day.

    (2) I am going to speak on the Chronology as given by Indhu Religion. In order to understand this, we have to know in general about how chronology is in place now. The chronology is traditionally estimated or calculated based on a particular special event that took place in a country or in a place. The currently running year is also noted as the number of years that passed by from the date that special event took place.

    (3) This means, the starting date is taken from the date of the special event that took place. This special event could be the birth date of great warrior or great saint or great philosopher, etc. This happens to be the tradition world-wide. This is called as chronology. For example, if we say that this year is 2018, we call it as Christian era. This Chrisitian era is being calculated from the birth year of Jesus Christ. So, we have it being mentioned as Before Christ birth year or simply B.C. and After Christ birth year. Similarly the Islamic calendar system exists based on the events that took place in the life of Mohammed Nabi. In similar lines there are Buddha Calendar system, Mahavira Calendar system, King Vikramadityan calendar system, King Salivaganan calendar system, etc.

    Based on the languages also we have Telugu Calendar system in Andhra, Malayala Calendar system in Kerala, Bengal Calendar system in West Bengal, Gujarathi Calendar system in Gujarat, etc.

    (4) But the entire world has forgotten today a chronology which is known as Indhu Religion Chronology. Even Indhus have forgotten about this chronology. I have come here to tell you about this Indhu Calendar system.

    I am a student studying in the Indhu Vedha Padasalai. I proceed to give you a few information that I have learnt. I request you to think about this calendar system that I am going to tell you.

    Indhu religion was founded on this earth 43,73,119 years back as of year 2018 CE. So, there is no such calendar system in any other religion in this world similar to this Indhu Religious calendar system.

    (5) Every Indhu should think about this calendar system with great pride and tell everyone about this proudly. Your Indhu religion has been living on this earth for the past 43,73,119 years. This religion is a time-tested, living beyond time, could not be destroyed by the time. All these facts get exposed from the Indhu Religion’s Calendar system only. That is why Indhu Vedha Padasalai has come forward to spread the facts about this Indhu Religion’s calendar system.

    (6) This Indhu Religion Calendar is getting calculated from the date when Manu Neethiyaar came to this world to give the books of Manu Neethi for Indhu Religion. This Manu Neethiyaar is also known as Anaathi Sivan. As per this, 43,73,119 years have elapsed since this Anaathi Sivan came to this earth and started His works here. This is known as Indhu Religion Calendar system.

    (7) In this calendar system there are two major divisions: one is known as Anaathi Period and the other is known as Aathi Period. The Anaathi Period was identified as the period when Manu Neethiyaar alais Anaathi Sivans taught and spread their 18 Books on Manu Neethi. This period was estimated to be of 4,85,920 years.

    (8) This earth was in the beginning a fire ball. Then it remained a Gas ball for a period of 100 crores of years. After this the ball of fire slowly cooled down for about 100 crores of years to become a ball of Ice. Then this ice melted down in 100 crores of years to become water and the entire earth was having only water on the surface of it. Then only this water gave way to rocks and mountains to come out from the interior. These rocks in parts slowly became soil and sand with water surround this surface. In that landscape the grass, plants, creepers and trees started growing. Following this the living beings that could move such as worms, insects, crawling beings, flying beings, animals, … started evolving step by step. Finally the being called as Maneesan evolved out of all these. This being was called as ‘Maneesan’ in Tamil with the meaning that ‘Mann’ = earth; ‘Eesan’ = head. That means this Maneesan was the head of all living beings on the earth. These Maneesans lived among the animals without any culture or civilization.

    The Anaathi Sivans came down to this earth from the celestial planets only to cultivate cultured mind in these Maneesans to make them cultured human beings. These Anaathi Sivans were sent to this earth by the Pathinen Siddhars who rule the entire universe. These Anaathi Sivans used the Manu Neethi books written in Tamil which is the Divine ruling language of the entire Universe. Since these Anaathi Sivans used the books of Manu Neethi for this work, they were known as Manu Neethiyaar.

    (9) These Anaathi Sivans were there in this Universe only to transform the Maneesars into Mankind by spreading the ideas in the books of Manu Neethi. That is why they were called as Manu Neethiyaars.

    (10) According to facts mentioned in Indhu Religion, there are 1359 worlds in this Universe. Human beings live in all these worlds. All these human beings were transformed from animal state by these Books of Manu Neethi only. This is the true history given in the Indhu Religion. Like this only thousands of Anaathi Sivans came to this earth to teach Manu Neethi amongst the highest beings of the evolution. Using these books of Manu Neethi, the Anaathi Sivans achieved certain degree of success in making every Maneesan into a mature human being. The period during which Anaathi Sivans worked hard to achieve success in their task was known as Anaathi Period. It spans a lengthy period of 4,85,920 years.

    (11) Next comes Aathi period. After the success of the Anaathi Sivans, the Aadhi Sivan became the Head to work for the mankind. He worked hard Himself to achieve 192 Divine Degrees or Divine Achievements. He worked in order to achieve on this earth what His predecessors could not achieve using the Books of Manu Neethi. For this the Aadhi Sivan compiled 396 Books of Indhu Vedham; 4,42,368 Indhu Vedha Sulagams (now colloquially called as ‘sloga’); 36 Books of Indhu Madha or Indhu Religion; 1,72,800 informative statements; Four Vedhas that include all the above. People obtained a systematic, streamlined and contentful life because of this Aadhi Sivan’s works. That is why this period of Aadhi Sivan’s ruling is known as Aadhi Period. This Aadhi Period is also called as Indhu Vedha Period. Likewise, the Anaathi period was known as Manu neethi period.

    (12) Indhu Vedha period alias Aadhi Period was analyzed by the Earthly Council of Five and Heavenly Council of Five thoroughly to divide the entire period into 4 Yugams. The Earthly Council of Five comprises of 33000 crores of Devars, 48000 crores of Irudis, 1000 crores of Devathais, 96000 crores of Kanams, 108000 crores of Munivars. Similarly the Heavenly Council of Five comprises of Heavenly Pathinensiddhars, Heavenly Pathinettampadi Karuppus, Heavenly 48 types of Gods, Heavenly 48 types of Beings of Worships, Heavenly 48 types of Siddhars. All these 10 groups together decided on the Four Yugams namely Keeran Yugam, Theeran Yugam, Thooran Yugam, Kaliyan Yugam.

    The First Yugam was the Keeran Yugam or Aadhi Yugam when all the Books of Vedhams were completely formed. The four types of Gods of Vedhas known as Gods of Country, Gods of Villages, Gods of a particular Clan, Gods of a particular Family were founded during this period only. The required knowledge was written duly in book form. Since they were written in Palm Leaves by scratching the Palm leaf the manuscripts were called as ‘Keeranthams’. (The word ‘Keeruthal’ in Tamil means scratching). Later they were shortly called as ‘Krantham’. This word ‘Keerantham’ means Books related to Divine World. After writing the Keeranthams, other books of knowledge related to religion, society, politics, medicine, warfare, … were written during this period. Based on these works this period was named as ‘Kirethakaa Yugam’ meaning the period in which Keeranthams were given.

    During this period the Puranas namely Siva puranam, Sathi Puranam, Piramma Puranam, Thirumaal Puranam, Varuna Puranam, Inthira Puranam, Iraman Puranam, Muruga Puranam, Maa Puraanam, … etc; Ithikaasams namely Kathai, Kaathai, Kavithai, Keethai, … etc were all written. This period spans through 17,28,080 years.

    During this Kirethaa Yugam a war took place between Devars and Asurars. In general, Devar means the gods of the country. During this period all those who came from other worlds in the Universe were known as Devars. All those who were born on this earth were known as Asurars. The war was between the Devars and the Asurars. In this war, the Devars won and Asurars lost. The significant information that we could gather from this Devasura War are the success achieved by Aadhi Sivan during this Deva-Asura War and His son Murugan destroyed the Asuras fully, etc.

    (13) Theeran Yugam:- This Yugams was called because it was given by Theeran. This Theeran Yugam later got changed as Thiretha Yugam. This Yugam spans through a period of 12,90,000 years. In this period only the great Ramayanam took place. The Sun dynasty who were descendants of Kakapusundar had great control during this Yugam. Kings and Arakkars fought and the Kings won the war.

    (14) Next comes Thuvapara Yugam. This yugam was given by Thooran a great philosopher and hence it was known as Thooran Yugam. Later it got renamed to Thuvapara Yugam. This Yugam spans through a period of 8,64,000 years. In this Yugam, a lot of Divine Representatives, Descendants of Devars, Descendants of Arakkar, divine achievers, … etc fought with Humans. This Yugam was dominated by Moon Dynasty who were the descendants of Karuwooraar. This Karuwooraar was one of the Pathinensiddhars or Eighteen Siddhars. This Karuwoorar took over the responsibility of Guru peedam on this earth. This period was known as the ruling period of Gurukula people.

    After this Yugam the Kaliyugam started and 5,119 years have elapsed as of 2018 CE.

    (15) You may think that we are giving just some numbers to you. But Pathinensiddhars have clearly calculated and maintained in writing the chronology of this earth. This chronology is existing only in Indhu Vedham, that too in Tamil language only. It does not exist in any other language. So, all the Indhus should feel proud of having such a clear chronology in our Indhu Religion. No other religion of this world has such a lengthy calendar in their books. In fact, the Indhu Religion alone gives to this world the information that human beings came into existence 43 lakhs of years back. Till date scientists could not definitely give the information on when human beings started existing in this world. But the Indhu Religion gives clearly that human beings as a society came to exist 43,73,119 years before this year 2018. This means humans as animals existed for lakhs of years before that. And all the animals came into existence lakhs of years prior to the existence of humans as animals. Further the plants came into existence lakhs of years before animals came into existence on this earth.

    Thus this calendar system of Indhu Religion gives answers to the questions such as: How does this world came into existence? When, from where the plant system came into existence in this world? Whence the animal system came into existence? From when the human beings came into existence and how long they lived with the animals? How did these human beings get cultured to lead individual and family life? What transformed the animal-like human beings into mindful humans? How many languages came into existence? How many types of religions came into existence? How many countries were there in the beginning? …..

    The answers to all these questions exist in Indhu Vedham and it would take weeks or months or years to explain all these. These are all taught now in the Indhu Vedha Aagama Padasalai run by the Pathinensiddhar Madam to all those who show interest.

    Our Indhu Religion has been in existence for the past 43,73,119 years till date. It has such a long history. If you think of that you would also show interest what all further exist in this ancient, ever-living Indhu Religion. You may also get a question on how this Indhu Religion alone has been living for such a lengthy period. If you think further on this Indhu Religion, then only a care will arise towards protecting this Indhu Religion and growing it further.

    (16) All these have been given by His Holiness Gurudevar, Gnaanaachaariyaar, Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam and Madam.

    (Translated from the essay “இந்து மத ஆண்டுக் கணக்கு”. The copy was written by Siddhar Naanmarai Udaiyaar Ulaganathan Ilaiyarani.)

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