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  • Great Facts of Indhu Religion
  • Great Facts of Indhu Religion

    Great Facts of Indhu Religion

    1. Indhu Religion in its simplest sense is the ‘Worship of Fore-fathers’.

    2. The idols of Indhu Religion are the reflection of the Divinators who lived in the past. Many hands, heads and queer forms of Idols are symbolic representation of the capabilities of the respective Divinators. (For example, sixteen hands with different weapons informs that the Divinator had the mastery over that many weapon-based arts during his life-time.)

    3. Indhu Religion aids in acquiring the Divine Atoms and Divine power from Celestial space through the worship of numerous Temples and through plethora of worshipping procedures.

    4. Indhu Religion alone permits any individual to worship according to his or her desires. This is because everything is the Form of God only.

    5. The first religion of this world is the Indhu Religion. This religion can alone arrest and stop all of the human furies, manias, vagaries, emptiness, poverties, whims and fancies, … etc.

    6. Indhu Religion alone states that prayers can be done in any language, particularly in one’s mother tongue. It also emphasizes that no language should dominate other language(s).

    7. Indhu Religion alone maintains that Political Unity is nothing but autonomous living of all the language-based races in this world.

    8. Indhu Religion worships all gods and goddesses in combat-ready attire only. Thus it shows that through war only the peace, the right, the independence, the culture, the civilization, … can be protected.

    9. Indhu Religion alone explains fully about celestial space, earth, flora, fauna, birth and death, … and so on.

    10. Indhu Religion alone has the hereditary Teachers whose geneology is much older than this earth itself.

    11. Indhu Religion alone has the capacity to nurture the feeling for mother-tongue, Racial attachment, patriotism, self-righteousness, self-confidence, unity, attachment, affection, friendliness, duty-mindedness, thankfulness, responsibility, patience, compassion, peacefulness, equality, brotherhood, socialistic thinking, ….

    12. Indhu Religion alone is for ever the guide, leader, path-showing, support, … of all the poor innocent people.

    13. Indhu Religion alone has the capacity to reprimand and rectify the traitors and antagonists.

    14. Indhu Religion can alone make the Tamils to completely sacrifice themselves to form the Tamil Land of the Tamils' culture and lifestyle. This will be accepted as an achievement by all South Indian States; these states will also get shaped by the Indhu Religion. After that the North Indian States will automatically get shaped by the Indhu Religion. Through that the entire world will become a peaceful living place.

    15. Worship with forms, Temple worship, Formless Worship, Open Space Worships, … and so on grew up on the basis of the great concept that everything including Stone, Sand, Flora, Fauna, … can be made god by the Divine world achievements of Pathinensiddhars.

    16. Indhu Religion has clear, finite, determined, classified stages in the curricular system of the Divine Education or educational schemes by giving everything in the count of 48 like (1) 48 Celestial Beings, (2) 48 Celestial Objects, (3) 48 types of places of worship which give the divine atoms to human beings, (4) 48 types of Divine Degrees to give the divine life to human beings, (5) 48 divine arts to make human beings utilize the divinity, (6) 48 stages in devotion, 48 stages in divine energy, 48 stages in divine achievements, 48 divine maturity levels, (7) 48 different types of temple administrative and organizational rules and regulations. (for many of these types other languages of this world do not have words.). Hence all these different types in Indhu Religion are in easy to remember count of 48.

    17. Indhu Religion alone gives full respect to Women or Feminine gender. Indhu Religion permits all the females to take part fully in all the services of all Worships and Temples. To explain this point further; Indhu religion alone has the tradition of worshipping the living women themselves. Seven types of Feminine worship is completely based on the living females. This is explained clearly in Guru Paarampariyam.

    18. Indhu Religion respects women as the preferred goddess or divine-power giving goddess; hence it says that no woman should be kept out on the basis of widowhood or menstruation periods. Further Indhu Religion says clearly that Sex is not a Taboo for religious life.

    19. Indhu Religion accepts and respects all the world religions as its own children.

    20. Indhu Religion can alone liberate all the languages and races of this world in a peaceful method, lovable method and amicable method.

    21. Indhu Religion can alone form the World Spiritual Unity and bringforth a World Socialistic Society having equality, brotherhood and collectivism.

    Thus Indhu Religion is a Rationalistic Religion, a Scientific Religion, a Historic Religion, an easy-to-implement religion, …

    Translation of a part of Letter-essay written by Gurudevar to His disciple “Siddharadiyaan” Azhagumalai Pillai of Madurai in 18-2-1984.

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