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    Invitation to Divine Rule

    “The Uprise of Indhu Religion is the India's Empowerment!”

    “India's Empowerment is the True welfare of the entire mankind!”

    Lakhs of years back! before many of the today’s continents came into existence! before the north India and North Himalayas came into existence! before mankind living along with the animal world acquired civilization and culture! the Indhu Religion was founded for Maneesars (mankind living like animals) by Pathinensiddhars and Pathinettampadi Karuppus with 48 types of Siddhars after much research in the Kumari Continent (Lemuria Continent).

    The Indhu Religion was founded in a systematic and complete manner to help the Maneesars acquire divine atoms in them through the states of devotion, divine power, divine achievement and divine salvation. At that time itself 1008 Sivalayams, 243 Sathi Peedams, 108 Thiruppathis and 96 types of Temples were established on this earth to function as the Offices of Indhu Religion for ever. The Pathinensiddhars also have delineated the procedural methods in which the 48 types of Divine Functionaries could emanate and come to live inside these Offices. These Divine Functionaries are named in Tamil as ‘Irai’, ‘Kadavul’, ‘Theyvam’, ‘Andavar’, ‘Pattavar’, ‘Devar’, ‘Devathai’, ‘Amarar’, ‘Irudi’, … ‘Kanapaadi’, etc.

    To keep the Indhu Religion forever as the core of world religious unification, the Pathinensiddhars have established the written knowledge and practical knowledge countless Arts and Sciences which are named in Tamil as; ‘Arutchinai Murai’, ‘Karuvarai Puthuyirppu Murai’, ‘Ezundharuli Uyirppu Murai’, ‘Pusai Vithi’, ‘Kurumaar Ozhugalaaru’, ‘Arulaali padi', ‘Marulaali Edu’, ‘Manthira Thanthira Enthira Sathiram’, ‘Agamam’, ‘Meemaamsai’, ‘Nidatham', ‘Inai Nidatham’, ‘Thunai Nidatham’, ‘Naanmarai’, ‘Nanmurai’, ‘Naaneri’, ‘NaanVedham’, ‘Navanaatham’, ‘Pathinensiddham’, ‘Karuvaakku’, ‘Karuvaasagam’, ‘Kuruvaakku’, ‘Kuruvaasagam’, Thiruvaakku', ‘Thiruvaasagam’, ‘Arulvaakku’, ‘Arulvaasagam’, ‘Marulvaakku’, ‘Marulvaasagam’, ‘Piranavam’, ‘Kaayanthiri’, ‘Athiram’, ‘Arulvettal Maalai’, ‘64 types of Thothiram’, …. etc.

    The Pathinensiddhars have created the Indhu Religion as sole and whole philosophical religion that gives the procedural methods to guide man obtain divine power and give the divine power to others by way of becoming one among 13 types of Divinators. Now or in future, these 13 types of divinators defined by the Pathinensiddhars would always remain as the practical form of Indhu Religion. The 13 types of divinators are 1. Paththar, 2. Paththiyaar, 3. Poththar, 4. Poththiyaar, 5. Buththar, 6. Buththiyaar, 7. Muththar, 8. Muththiyaar, 9. Seevanmuththar, 10. Seevanmuththiyaar, 11. Uruva Siththiyaar, 12. Aruva Siththiyaar, 13. Aruvuruva Siththiyaar. So, the Indhu Siddhantha Renaissance Forum invites one and all to become the Proof and Evidence of the excellant capabilities of the Tamils' Indhu Religion.

    Everyone can learn according to their Fate, Destiny, Efforts and Luck the religious education in the Gurukulams, Schools of Wisdom, Centres for Meditation and Orchards of Divinity created by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi, Gurumahaa Sannidhaanam Siddhar Karuwooraar who functions as Gnaalaguru. We welcome all!!!

    Through this Religious Educational system of the Pathinensiddhars anyone can become one out of 48 types of Divinators namely Sannidhaanam, Aadheenam, Peedam, Madam, Pandaaram, Amaligai, Thiruvadi, Irukkai, Arulaali, Arulaadu Naayagam, Marulaali, Marulaadu Naayagam, …. etc. Those who are interested can come forward and get in touch with the disciples of His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi.

    Opportunities, Methodical Procedures and Facilities are freely being given for the liberation of everyone’s Aavi, Aanmaa, Uyir (the three distinct parts of a Soul).

    The Indhu Religion is a Social Science. This is the mother of all Wisdoms. Through this Indhu Religion all the differences, competitions, jealousies and fights can be totally eliminated to bring in true unity. This declaration has been clearly given by the Pathinensiddhars in the book titled Gurupaarampariyam (Religious History) in order to make every human being on this earth understand the Indhu Religion. In this book they have mentioned that Indhu Religion is nothing but the Siddha Philosophy which aims to form a co-operative Society that maintains equality, brotherhood and communism.

    This book ‘Guru Paarampariyam’ gives 48 distinct words as meanings to the word ‘Indhu’. According to this, every human being on this earth gets the right and pride to call himself or herself an Indhu. This Induu Religion was the religion followed by the entire world in the ancient times. So, the Indhus of today should come forward selflessly to learn the religious arts and sciences in order to spread the divine light and grow the plants of wisdom around the world.

    See everything through the Guru.
    Guru is the great force to link one’s core to the god.
    Long live the Guru! Let Guru be the Protection! Let Guru be everything!

    Gurudevar, Gnaanaguru, Arasayogi
    Anda Peranda Aadhisaththi sannidhaanam
    Rasivatta Niraivudaiyaar
    Aaththaal Amaligai, Kotravai Irukkai, Paraasaththi Thiruvadi,
    !2th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi
    Gurumahaasannidhaanam, Gnaalaguru Siddhar Karuwooraar
    Hereditary Head of Indhu Renaissance Movement (Founded in 1772 CE)

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