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  • Religion vs Science - Part 1
  • Religion vs Science - Part 1

    Religion vs Science - Part 1

    Religion is the one that gives the feelings of peace, satisfaction, contentment, enjoyment and happiness to the human mind. Whereas the Science gives enjoyment, happiness, satisfaction and peacefulness to the human body.

    Without religion human beings cannot even live. But without science human beings can survive.

    All the pleasures created by science can alone not give peace or satisfaction or happiness to man. When a person lies down in a cozy bed inside an air-conditioned room he cannot get sleep if the mind is not at peace. He would be tortured by fears as if he was trying to sleep in jungle full of stones and thorns.

    But at the same time, a person having peace of mind can sleep happily even if he lies down in an open space in a forest. So, religion is the most important one to human life.

    Religion is for the internal life of a human being. Science is only for the external life of a human being. Religion rests on the minute truths that are beyond the five senses. Science is plainly based on the facts gathered by the five senses. Religion talks about gods who cannot be felt easily by all. Science talks about objects that can be felt or visualised easily. Like this one can find out the distinctions between science and religion.

    Modern day scientific approach has gone to fanatic proportions. So, people downplay the significance of religion by saying that religion is just a magic shown by using empty space; And science is capable of sending inter-continental missiles and rockets to space. After man stepped onto the surface of moon, the scientists have started showing massive levels of intellectual arrogance and self-pride.

    At this juncture, we have to explain that Religion is a science that has found the reasons behind everything in the nature and it is a complete science or True Science. The present day science is still groping in darkness to find the facts and reasons for myriads of nature’s activities.

    Most people may not find this argument acceptable; Yet religion lists its achievements through a lot of questions.

    Translation of a portion of the Lecture-Essay: “Samayamum Ariviyalum” written by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam.

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