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    Religion of Tamils

    Tamils Religion (taken from the manifesto of Tamil Race, Language and Religion Liberation Movements)

    The fundamental religions that gave forth the culture and civilization to all human beings of this earth have a parent religion. That parent religion is the Tamils' Religion known as True Indhu Religion. Due to ignorance, misunderstandings and lack of knowledge; this religion got divided into many subdivisions and got damaged to acquire new twists, alternate forms, domination of different languages, etc. Because of that the True Indhu Religion lost its active role in the day-to-day life of individuals. Further it was extensively misused by the foreigners who came into India as far back as 2000 BCE.

    Because of all these reasons, the original Dravidian race or Tamil Race which was supposed to maintain and protect this religion lost their language, history, literature and cultural identities…. etc. And these Tamil races have got orphaned and alienated in their own native country, the India.

    Tamils' Pride:

    1. Tamil race was the first and ancient civilized race that came to exist in this earth.
    2. Tamil race was the only race selected for Divine world and divine achievements.
    3. This Divine Tamil race should be protected forever to have liberation, self-respect, self-confidence and strong unity.
    4. Tamil race can alone lead, guide and solve all types of human problems both in materialistic dimension and spritual dimension in this world.
    5. The liberation of Tamil Race alone give liberation to all the races of this world, aid liberation of all religions of this world, provide liberation to all the languages of this world and safe-guard the liberation of human culture of this world. The core philosophy and action plan of the Pathinensiddhars' True Indhuism is that nobody should ever enslave, cheat, dominate another among the human beings of this world.

    Greatness of Tamil Language:

    1. Of all the languages being spoken by various races of this world, Tamil alone exists as the first language and mother language of all the languages.
    2. In this Tamil language alone there are various types of letters such as vowels, consonants, ayudham, etc.
    3. This Tamil language alone has the speciality of having the literary language and the conversational language unchanged for many thousands of years.
    4. From time immemorial till now without any gaps in this Tamil language alone numerous divinators take birth to give divine words, divine verses and scriptures.

    The Gurupaarampariya Vaasagam of 10th Pathinensiddhar Peedam

    1. The Indhu Religion is nothing but the cultural heritage of Tamils.
    2. The Indhu Religion is itself the Tamils' basic life-style of Worshipping women as god.
    3. A person who understands his religion very well alone knows that he is not an orphan in this world.
    4. Temples are the divine springs that can quench the thirsts, satiate the hungers and remove desertion both in the materialistic and divine aspirations.
    5. Tamils' prayer methods can illuminate divinely to brighten both inner life and outer life of all human beings.

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