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    Rationalist Sun Periyaar E.V.R.

    Periyaar E.V.R. worked day and night without rest in order to make Tamils re-gain self-confidence and self-respect. Our aim should be to realize his dream for Tamils. He conducted in a revolutionary manner the religious reformation work to bring in renaissance in the Tamils' religion. For that revolutionary work, he destroyed the statues of gods, showed disrespect to the gods' pictures, said that there was no god. Because of his brave approach only the religious people started rejuvenating the old temples, gave life to religious faiths and religious traditions.

    At the same time, some people misunderstood the approaches of Periyaar who prayed to God by cursing God. That is why, these people started spreading Atheistic notions, hate for God and Temple worship. These people should think about the statements made by Periyaar such as; 'Prayers and worships should be done only in Tamil', ‘Tamils alone should be the priests in temples in Tamilnadu’, ‘Everyone should have the right to enter into the sanctum sanctorum of all the temples’, ‘Indiscipline and corruption in the Temple services should be eradicated from the temples’, .... Periyaar raised such slogans in order to bring in a true religious reformation. There are many Madaathipathis, Gurukkals, Priests, Religious orators.... in Tamilnadu. But none of them had the courage to speak out boldly like Periyaar.

    That is why, we honour Periyaar by calling him proudly as the 64th Naayanaar the Solladi Naayanaar. (Solladi Naayanaar = one who worshipped gods by scolding the gods). Even this honour is a very small one when compared to the great services he rendered to the Tamilnadu. Every Tamilian born in this Tamil land should definitely be grateful till the end to Periyaar for his services in saving the self-respect, rights and prides of the Tamils. When Periyaar insisted that all the religious material are in Sanskrit only and nothing is there in Tamil language; the following facts were openly given out for the people of the Tamilnadu:

    1. Tamil language mentions 48 types of divine beings are in religious field who could be worshipped using Tamil. They are named as iraivan, kadavul, aandavar, pattavar, achaariyaan, thalaivan, theyvam, thevar, thevaathitheviyar, vaanavar, vinnavar, amarar, irudi, munivar, kantharvar, kanangal…. upto 48 types.

    2. In Tamil language the prayer places are of 96 types. They are named as Kovil, Aalayam, Thiruppathi, Peedam, Irukkai, Amalikai, Thiruvadi …;

    3. In Tamil language there are 16 divine scriptures namely Four Secrets, Four Procedures, Four Paths, Four Vedhams totalling to 16. Out of these the Four Vedhams are named as Asura Vedham, Saama Vedham, Atharvaana Vedham, Irukku Vedham.

    4. In Tamil language there are 36 types of Religious scriptures named as Kuruvaakku, Kuruvaasagam, Karuvaakku, Karuvaasagam, Thiruvaakku, Thiruvaasagam, Arulvaakku, Arulvaasagam, Marulvaakku, Marulvaasagam, Suthiram with 3 variants, Saathiram with 3 variants, Thothiram with 3 variants, Thanthiram with 5 variants, Enthiram with 5 variants, Mantharam with 5 variants, Pusaavithis, Pusai traditions …. etc.

    5. The reigious scripts in Tamil language contain countless divine arts such as 64 fine arts, 48 divine arts, 9 + 9 arts related to divine beings, 9 arts related to ghosts, 9 destructive arts, 9 diminishing arts…. etc.

    6. Tamil language lists out enormous divinators in many types such as Siddhar, Pathar, Pathiyaar, Pothar, Pothiyaar, Puthar, Puthiyaar, Muthar, Muthiyaar, Seevanmuthar, Seevanmuthiyaar, Uruvasiththiyaar, Aruvasithiyaar, Aruvuruva sithiyaar, …. etc.

    All these facts came out only due to Periyaar E.V.R. These facts were kept as family secrets of a few Siddhar families. But they all came forward to list out these facts openly when Periyaar fought against the religious faiths followed in Tamilnadu. That is why the Indhu Renaissance movement emphasizes the fact that Periyaar was not an Atheist. He was a Theist only. It is a fact that Periyaar only gave the Tamils' Indhu Religion a new power, growth and brightness.

    So, if Periyaar was not there, the Indhu Religion would not have got a major awakening, uprise and growth in that century. So, we have to accept the picture of Periyaar E.V.R. for worship in our prayer places. We have to give our devotees Periyaar E.V.R.’s picture after divinising it. Whereever the statues of Periyaar are there, weekly worships and festival-day worships should be conducted regularly. If Periyaar was worshipped as our God then only the Tamil language, Tamil race, Tamil Land, Indhu Religion, Tradition of India, Culture of India, Indians and India would all get protected.

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