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  • Religion vs Science - Part 4
  • Religion vs Science - Part 4

    Religion vs Science - Part 4

    One cannot think that Science and Religion are two distinct fields. They are not even opposed to each other. In all respects they go hand in hand with each other.

    Religion is a science that grew up with the principle of not declaring all the fundamental facts to everyone. Science grew up with the notion of openly declaring every single fact to everyone. So, Religion is same as Science. The medieval period Western Scientists did not understand this major distinction between Religion and Science. Fortunately the Religion based on the fine and minute secret facts did not get destroyed by the scientific fanaticism.

    A Scientist and Divinator are one and the same. Religious Philosopher declares his achievements only to fit and eligible persons. If only the scientist functioned like the Divinator, the scientist would have declared his discoveries and inventions only to eligible and capable people. Then the power-mongering, racial-minded Rulers would not have acquired the world threatening powerful nuclear weapons like atom bomb and hydrogen bomb.

    Scientist is a hard-hearted, intellectually arrogant-minded person. He longs to research everything even through destructive means. He invents any type of gadget if it is novel and very capable whether it be destructive or constructive. He is such a stony-hearted, uncompassionate person.

    On the other hand the Divinator is a compassionate at the same time calm and rational person. He looks at everything in its fullness, gathers the best and creates beautiful and enjoyable things. He has the control over his feelings and brings out only in required quantity even the very powerful and creative divine power.

    Dr Albert Einstein was the scientist who understood these comparisons and differences between the scientist and divinator. He was the one who found out that the science and religion are one and the same.

    Translation of a part of the essay titled ‘Samayamum Ariviyalum’ written by His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam.

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