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    Introduction to Gurudevar

    “… I am the Arulaatchi Naayagam getting ready to wage a direct war against the human race which has been continuously suppressing the world’s foremost and Ancient Human Race through a lot of cunningness…”
    - From Gurudevar’s writings.

    Gurudevar has come as the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi in the long history of this earth spanning over 500 crores of years. After Him, till the end of this earth another 36 Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis would come to establish the Divine Rule on this earth. This is the completion of the history of the True Indhu Religion. This is because the Pathinensiddhars have founded the Indhu Religion with a law based on the magical number Forty-Eight (48). Thus in every different types of Divinators such as Siddhars, Adhisankarars, Sankarars, Budhdhars, Mahavirs, Devakumarars (Christs), Apostle-of-gods (Nabis), …. etc exactly Forty-Eight in each type would take birth on this earth. If this great fact is well understood, then alone the True Indhu Religion would blossom and grow to regain its status in this world.

    The Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis routinely come to the earth to research and eradicate the confusions, contradictions, paradoxes, … etc that slowly creep through the time into the theory and practice of the True Indhu Religion. They perform this duty in order to make the True Indhu Religion regain its purity, truthfulness and usefulness. These Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis alone write the three great historical books namely, the Religious History, the Political History, the Social History and the History of Language & Literature. By giving these historical accounts the Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis bringforth the Indhu religious awakening, indhu religious renaissance and Indhu religious uprise.

    These Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis have to obtain through various types of divine educations 108 Divine Degrees. According to this law, His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam had obtained till 1986 A.D. a set of 76 Divine Degrees. His Holiness has been continuing His efforts as the student of Divine, Mystical, Esoteric … doctrines in order to obtain the remaining 32 Divine Degrees.

    His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam has so far obtained 76 Divine Degrees out of which ‘Raasivatta Niraivudaiyaar’, ‘Nallilakkana Maarbudaiyaar’, ‘Aaththaal Amaligai’, ‘Kotravai Irukkai’, ‘Paraasaththi Thiruvadi’, ‘Arasayogi’, ‘Anda Peranda Aathi Saththi Sannidhaanam’, ‘Arulaatchi Naayagam', ‘Indhu Madha Thanthai’, ‘Gnaana Thanthai’, ‘Gnaana Aachaariyaar’, ‘Gurudevar’, ‘Kuvalaya Kurupeedam’ …. are a few to name. His Holiness has been functioning in a partly hidden manner as the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam Gnaalaguru Siddhar Karuwooraar with the divine power He got while in the embryo state itself. His Holiness has been serving without any biases such as caste, race, language, country … etc to bring in the World Religious Unity, World Equality, World brotherhood and World communistic society. His Holiness has been giving the divine statements such as;

    1. Religion is nothing but a Social Science
    2. Religion can alone safeguard and grow humane feelings.
    3. Religion is the mother of all arts and sciences.
    4. Religion can alone give birth to patience and responsibility.
    5. Religion can alone bring forth peace, contentment, serenity and comfort in individual, family and social life.
    6. Religion can alone give the true meaning to the human life.
    7. Religion alone has the power to channelize the furies of men and women due to hastes, desires and passions.

    Hence His Holiness has been inviting everyone to work for the renaissance of the True Indhu Religion or the Siddha Philosophy which is the mother of all the religions of this world.

    Introduction to Gurudevar was given by His Holiness Paramaachaariyaar, the Secretary of the Divine Services Forum.

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