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  • Utility of Divinity

    Utility of Divinity

    Use of Divinity in Everyday Life

    Why Divinity?

    During 20th and 21st Centuries, mankind has discovered many utilities like Electricity, Magnetism, Petroleum, … and invented many many equipment for Transportation, Communication, Information Management, Physical Pleasures, … etc. All these satisfy the requirements of the mankind to provide external facilities and improvements in life.

    But, none of these answer the questions like ‘What happens to any living being after death?’, ‘How can man understand the undecipherable mysteries of his life?’, ‘Are the relationships of human life everlasting?’, ‘Why are there unsolvable difficulties in human life?’, …..

    These can be answered only by Divinity or Mysticism.

    What is Divinity?

    Divine Energy is very much similar to electrical energy or magnetic force or energy by burning coal, petrol, etc. But all human beings cannot understand the Divine Energy. It is beyond the normal intellectual capabilities of ordinary human beings.

    Any person or object having the capability to transact divine energy is related to Divinity. In the everyday life, people call such persons and objects as Holy.


    Even though Divine Energy is not cognizable by all people, everyone can definitely benefit from Divine Energy. All types of needs and expectations of human life can be satisfied by the Divine Energy.

    Further, all defects and difficulties of human life - which cannot be solved by the Science - can be cured by Divine Energy. That is why there is a Tamil proverb which means

    ‘Mysticism and Medicine are the two eyes of mankind’.

    Like how the scientific findings benefit the entire mankind irrespective of race, language, country, etc; this Divine Energy benefits all equally when used appropriately.

    Sources and Methods:

    The Pathinen Siddhars have done extensive research work in the field of Mysticism. They have written down much of their findings in numerous books, rest are in Unwritten form.

    They have also built numerous functioning systems known as Temples that are the perpetual sources of Divine Energy.

    These two - the Written works and the Temples - provide the necessary Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Knowledge in the Divine Field.

    The Pathinen Siddhars have carried out everything in a Scientific Atmosphere with a Rationalistic Approach. There is no room for superstitions, blind beliefs, wild imaginations or fanaticism.

    The Pathinen Siddhars have given an apt name in Tamil to this field and that is ‘Indhu Madham’.

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