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  • Mystical Healing.
  • Mystical Healing.

    Mystical Healing.

    Say South India, in particular Tamilnadu is the most picturesque in the Sub-continent ‘India’.Nature It also has the most fascinating history to tell, 10,000 years of India’s heritage is encapsuled in this ancient small region. No doubt, that the South India, in particular the Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra and Kerala are the remains and the ruins of the ‘Lost Lemuria’ the Kumari Continent which is swallowed by the hungry sea a few thousand years back by a series of three deluges or Tsunamis.

    The area including the three states contain the true records of the past glories of atleast 10,000 years. In this region, wherever you turn your gaze you see scattered ruins of fortresses, battlements and temples - all bearing mute testimony to the forgotten spleandour of the dynasties who ruled in these parts.

    This region is the cradle of the Siddha Cult that is the Tamil Culture (Dravidian Culture), Language and Literature. This region can be called as the Land of Divinities. To say Tamil Nadu is the birth place and the Dwelling place of the most of the Indhu Gods and Goddesses.

    Mystical Healing and Medical Healing [Faith Healing]:

    Inspite of the fantastic and miraculous advances made by medical science, it still does not have a cure for several diseases ranging from ‘periodical rise in temperature’, ‘excess heat in body’, ‘un-bearable physical pain’, ‘the decrease or detention in memory power’, ‘small-pox’ and ‘Jaundice’ to ‘common cold’. Siddhars' Medical Principles insist that these diseases are a result of the previous births; the influences of the stars and planets according to the horoscope; the influences of evil spirits and the divine displeasure. So, therefore the Mystics, Divinators, Astrologers and Magicians have to be called to play a main role in the Medical Field. Such that the Psychic force or the electro-magnetic force created by certain individuals by their virtue and penance should be utilised as curative Medicines. Thus Mystical Healing is part of Pathinen Siddhar’s Tradition.

    Pathinen Siddhars preach that the Divine Power is within every man and as well as it is outside of man; that is it is everywhere in this Cosmic Universe. If any man will try sincerely to find out the power outside of him or within him; certainly he will succeed. In order to help the seekers of the divine power the Pathinen Siddhars have rendered many means and methods. In short it is clear that these Siddhars have sung the songs of faith and belief in Social and Religious functions, Ceremonies, Rituals and Customs, … etc.

    The Siddhars' Medical Principles clearly states that the stress and strain in this world with all its follies and foibles, man mostly suffers from psychosomatic complaints. Most of the so called Physical ailments, Mental disorders and Physical disabilities are directly attributed to Psychological causes, Psychic Force (a force beyond of electricity and magnetism), gravitational force of the Celestial things (the stars and planets) and the evil effects of the spirits, damsels and deities; ultimately these lead to Neurosis.

    Neurosis can be explained as a breakdown of personality. So, it has to be interpreted as a conflict of mind and spirit or Soul and body or man and the Cosmic Universe. On account of these it is clear that ‘Neurosis’ is not a symptom of weakness of mind. It is only by the influence of Mystical power and Occult power ‘Neurosis’ occurs.

    குருதேவர்The faith-healer or the Divinator or the Mystic tries to breakdown the resistances of the neurotic patient. The rituals, offerings and prayers produce miraculous effect in healing whatever may be the condition of the patient.

    The ‘Divine or Mystic Power’ is generally named as ‘Arul’. This ‘Arul’ is an emanation of a force which is something like electromagnetic power, related to the electrical changes which take place in human bodies and especially in our numerous systems. So, it is clear that the ‘Arul’ is the really electro-magnetic power. Then it is clear that this ‘Arul’ of one person can act upon that of another. So, a Divinator becomes a generator of the ‘Arul’ that is an electromagnetic power. This power is useful in doing necessary thing on other’s body and mind. Thus the mystical healing takes place.

    The basic principle of the Mystical healing is that vital force can be recharged into the body from an outside source, from the ‘Arul’ emanation of another more healthy and more vital person. That is, the Guru get power from Main Deity or the Supreme Being; He transmits it to His disciple ‘Maanaakkan’ and he in turn recharges it to the patient.

    Thus by increasing the vital force of a sick person, one can increase his powers to fight the patient’s illness. In this manner, the pain of the patient would be eased and his courage and optimism increased by the sense of well-being.

    For this a scientific and a rationalistic explanation can be given. That is, now the Divine or Mystic Power namely ‘Arul’ is explained as electro-magnetic power; so it is clear that as soon as two persons come close enough, together for the transfer of Arul by some rituals or ceremonies; the power ‘Arul’ will flow from the stronger to the weaker; and will be directed to the spot where it is most neaded since that point will be at the lowest energy level. Here the combinations of the ‘Will Power’ (the strength of Mind), the ‘Mental Power’ and the ‘Psycho Power’ (the Physical Strength)…. of the Divinator act as the electro-magnetic force. So, the Divinator tries to attain the result or aim or the desired end; because, if anyone will strongly desire anything or try to achieve anything sincerely and continuously with courage and faith it is sure that he will succeed.

    According to the Pathinen Siddhars Philosophy or the principles of Religion is that by worshipping atom, a man can command it, destroy it or utilise it to form things as he likes. So, it is clear that ‘Will Power’ is nothing but the ‘Mental Power’ which is the mind’s force. The strength of this force varies according to the physical strength, courage, faith and sincerity of the individuals since they had to spend more time and energy in creating the will power and utilising it for healing others. That is to say the Divinators must have a good physical conditions and finite principles in life. It is clear that the mind does have a force, that can affect physical matter such that it will cure all sorts of mental strain, stress, tiresome, fear, frustration, inferiority complex, disappointmental feelings of great expectations… and so on. So the will power is an essential force in the medical field to cure ‘Mental Disorders And Physical Disabilities’.

    Mystical Treatment

    This can be scientifically explained. A mystic creates an inner force by a systematic process of prayers, offerings. That is to say the Mystics are endowed with an unusual brain wave pattern ‘Sound Waves’ with thousands of times more voltage being generated at the Thirty Two limbs of the body.

    The body rhythms of the Divinator produce a beat which is picked up by the patient and during this process the beat is amplified by the field around the Divinator and will be concentrated on that spot or part of the body of the patient where the Divinator fixes his eyes. Here it is very clear that the Divinator changes the sound waves as light rays and he transmits or passes it on the patient. This is a far advanced stage in science.

    The Mystic is able to generate the necessary force to bring about equally necessary changes in the mind of his patient thereby producing measurable effects and desirable changes for securing cure. So, it is a well-known fact that the Mystic must be a man of knowledge and ability so that he can judge at any moment of time whether the patient’s level of anxiety is high, medium or low.

    The references quoted in this article are taken from the prescribed Text Books for the Medical Course in the Ancient Tanjore International University founded by His Holiness Guru Mahaa Sannithaanam Siddhar Kaaviriyaatrangarai Karu Ooraar, The Pathinen Siddhar Peedam XI (785 A.D. - 1040 A.D.). In this University, the Medical Course was taught for Twelve years. This University was awarding degree in quite a lot of subjects; more particulars about this University are given in the other articles of this Book, ‘The Mental Disorders and the Disabilities’ - Volume I.