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    Kaayanthiri became Gayathri

    Kaayanthiri Mantharam is not Gayatri Manthra

    Kaayam + Thiri + Mantharam => Kaayanthiri Mantharam

    ‘Kaayam’ means the body. ‘thiri’ means transforming. ‘Mantharam’ means sound waves used to raise the standard of the mind. So, Kaayanthiri Mantharam means the prayer verse said loudly to save the body from getting aged quickly through raising the standard of the mind.

    Tamils have long forgotten the great fact that this Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam was theirs only. The Sanskrit manthram called as ‘Gayatri Manthra’ has been commonly believed to be the only daily prayer verse in existence. This is a great mistake of Tamils.

    The Guru Paarampariyam clearly says about the Kaayanthiri Mantharam as, “To improve the physical conditions, to brighten the body and soul, to achieve the four states namely paththi (devotion), saththi (divine power), siththi (divine achievement) and muththi (divine salvation), to safeguard life from fear, desire, shyness, awesomeness one must say Kaayanthiri Mantharam twice everyday in the morning and evening.”

    For many centuries, Siddhars' hereditary heirs alone can learn ‘Karuvarai Uyirppu Manthiram’, ‘Kattu Manthiram’, ‘Ainthee Veattal Thoaththiram’, …. But these are now being given to disciples of Gurudevar openly. This is appreciated as a great renaissance, growth, revolution in the field of Divinity. So the Tamils as well as other should avoid fully the Sanskrit Manthram and use immediately the Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam without any differences such as country, language, race, religion …. This would bring forth a youthful, peaceful, intellectual and pleasant … life. The Pathinensiddhars have given the Tamil Manthirams or prayer verses in a manner that is suitable for all races to use.

    Fire worships and other worships conducted using Sanskrit verses would never give an iota of benefit to anyone. Worships conducted using Tamil prayer verses would give enormous benefits everyone. Because of this only, the temples founded by Pathinensiddhars lost the power and valour as brahmins entered into these temples and started using Sanskrit language inside the temples. In particular the basic rule of Pathinensiddhars that all the prayers for rejuvenation of temples, sanctum sanctorum, prayer idols….. should be done only at midnight has always been totally negated by these brahmins. Thus they have made meaningless the Indhu Religion’s bases namely Devotion, Divine power, Divine achievement and Divine Salvation. That is why a wrong proverb has come into existence which is “Those who have seen god cannot express; and those who express about god have not seen god”. This is totally untrue. People have completely forgotten the True Indhu Religion in which everyone can see any type of divine being; and everyone can uplift himself or herself to any type of divine being.

    The Aryans namely the brahmins formed Gayathri Manthra as a prayer verse out of meaningless words just to have sound effect similar to the Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam. The brahmins made it a point to use it in their daily prayers. Through that the brahmins spread the lie that their Sanskrit Gaythri Manthra was the source for all Manthras. Accepting this lie as true, the Tamils also left the practice of using Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam, Maantharam, Maanthareegam, … in the course of time. Further the Tamils tried using the Sanskrit Gayathri Manthra and left it due to its uselessness. This way only the Sanskrit destroyed the usefulness of Tamil and through that the True Indhu Religion got damaged heavily.

    Kaayanthiri Mantharams are all created by Pathinensiddhars in Tamil only and they are all the properties of Tamilians only.

    Kaayanthiri Mantharam in Tamil can be used by everyone without any differences like male, female, young, old, … and gain the divine powers needed for human life by practicing it for 18 years.

    A woman, if she thinks of a God, becomes that God itself while uttering Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam.

    Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam is meant mainly for worshipping the Sun as the primary God facing the direction of the Sun.

    Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam helps greatly for everyone to gain the divine power in the ordinary human life. Through that divine power one can enjoy satisfaction, contentment, peacefulness, love in one’s life. Uttering 108 times a day would give all benefits and upliftments.

    Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam is a universal one. Anyone in this world can practise it without any religious differences or differences country, race, age, etc. Everyone can utter in his or her mother tongue the translation of Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam and practise it 108 times a day. This would train the person stage by stage to gain true devotion, divine powers, divine achievements and divine salvation. This is because of the fact that all the temples, gods and prayer verses of this world were created only by the Pathinensiddhars.

    Persons who aspire to gain higher levels of divine achievements should practise this Kaayanthiri Mantharam six times of the day like morning, evening, midday, midnight, before dawn and after dusk.

    Every Tamilian should immediately start using Kaayanthiri Mantharam in everyday prayers in the procedure given by Pathinensiddhars. This alone will protect individuals, thereby the Tamil Language and through that the Indhu Religion itself.

    All the divine aspirants should practise Kaayanthiri Mantharam to become divinators. This would make Indhu Renaissance service a success.

    The Indhu Religion can alone save the entire humanity.

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