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  • History of Siddhars - Part 5
  • History of Siddhars - Part 5

    History of Siddhars - Part 5

    1. During His period, His Holiness the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam saw that the Tamil race was divided and subdivided into numerous fragments on the basis of caste, religion and economic differences, estrangments, competitions, petty fights.

    Even though the Tamils were living in the entire the landscape between Himalayas and Kumari point and they were the aboriginates of this land, the Tamils were suppressed beyond recognition during His period i.e. 6th century of Common Era. In order to overcome all these downfalls and enslavements, His Holiness in a planned manner worked as a great warrior to resurrect the Tamil race.

    In order to fight against the cunning and foxy opponents who have been continuously keeping the Tamil Society under slavery, His Holiness started the Religious Renaissance in Tamil land. For this purpose, His Holiness brought with great efforts from the Pothigai Hills ‘Sathi Ilingam’ and ‘Siva Ilingam’. With prolonged efforts His Holiness installed them at Thanjavur and Gangai Konda Chozhapuram respectively. But the temples for these two were constructed by His Holiness 200 years later through the Famous Kings of the Later Chola Empire.

    His Holiness was a very talented Sculptor. So, He sculpted countless number of stone statues, and moulded a lot of metal idols. Using these statues and idols His Holiness built many Divine Temples. Using these temples as the base, His Holiness selected divine-graced persons and trained them to become Divinators.

    With the help of those Divinators, His Holiness removed the darknesses in the religious field and in the society itself. Through this method, His Holiness gathered a big army of divinators who were capable of forming the Divine Kingdom, namely the Later Chola Empire.

    The efforts of His Holiness stood for about 400 years in the history of Tamil land. But, even today nobody is there in this vast Tamil land to remember or realize His efforts. Yet, His Holiness lives eternally in a statue form under the lap of the Big Tower of the Thanjavur Big temple constructed by Him.

    Even if the waves of sea quieten, the great efforts of His Holiness to protect the Virgin Tamils would never quieten down.

    The Temples constructed by His Holiness are standing tall like mountains as invaluable treasures of art. All these great facts about the recent Tamil History have been massively hidden and His Holiness the 12th Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathi is not able to take these facts to the masses by working alone.

    Translation of the Book titled “History of Siddhars and Indhu Renaissance Movement."
    Author: Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinen Sitthar Peedam Year of Publishing: 1982

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