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  • History of Siddhars - Part 4
  • History of Siddhars - Part 4

    History of Siddhars - Part 4

    1. His Holiness 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi Gurumahaa Sannidhaanam Siddhar Kaaviri aatrangarai Karuwooraar decided in favour of Political Change. He concluded that through Political change the triangular fort of Tamil language, race and country could form Divine Rule and can make the Siddha Philosophy grow all over the world. To get this concrete decision, His Holiness toured around the world.

    He founded numerous Schools, Universities for developing the Divine Arts and Sciences of the Lost Lemuria Continent. He did this for the sake of the entire humanity. He desired to form a Global society having equality, brotherhood and socialistic co-operation through Tamil Language and Tamil Race. But he vehemently condemns the domination of one language over other languages.

    That is why, He has noted down that all the races of this earth took their births from Tamil race only. Further He notes that all the other races of this earth got divine status only by relating with Tamil Race. Similarly, He mentions that majority of the languages of this earth took birth from Tamil language; and a lot of script-less languages of this earth were refined on the basis of Tamil language and these languages were given scripts and grammer and then literature. Through these He proves that the entire human life on this earth is due to the Tamil language and Tamil race.

    He Himself had felt at times that He had been imagining or His ideas were artificial and so on. So, He had written a clear and exhaustive World History. In fact, one can call Him as the Professor of History or even as the Father of History. He had written down with a clear chronological basis the history of hundreds of thousands of years.

    His foremost mention was that the Kumari continent was the most ancient and the first landscape of this earth. From that point only he developed the habit of writing regularly the religious history as ‘Guru paarampariyam’, political history as ‘Arasa Paarampariyam’ and the history of language and literature as ‘Ilakkiya Paarampariyam’. The above-mentioned three books were the greatest contributions given to the intellectuals by the Siddhars as they were the greatest achievements of the Siddhars.

    Thus His Holiness had formed the three major types of literature based on the historical perceptions. In addition He had written books on almost all Arts and Sciences.

    His efforts appears to have a basis on the life of His predecessor His Holiness 10th Pathinensiddhar peedaathipathi Amaravaathi Aatrangarai Karu Ooraar.

    Yet the policy of His predecessor on Social Change had made the Tamil Society incapable of withstanding the political traitorships, political opponents and foreign invasions, …. and the entire Tamilnadu had become a very soft, highly cultured and civilized country. This fact made His Holiness 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi become ferocious like a volcano. So, He discarded the prayer bell and camphor plate and started holding the sword and bow. Habituated to deep meditation and prayers, His holiness trained Himself in all kinds of warfare arts including horse-riding, elephant-riding, wrestling, marching, etc.

    Instead of sitting motionless in deep meditation, His holiness picked up palm script and nail to write countless books day and night. Leaving aside His renunciation, His holiness started relating with human beings for the welfare of the entire humanity. He lived for more than 250 years and begot His one and only son Karuvur Thevar.

    Translation of the Book titled “History of Siddhars and Indhu Renaissance Movement.” Author: Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinen Sitthar Peedam Year of Publishing: 1982

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